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5 Reasons to purchase a New Home with a Realtor

September 2, 2014

Today’s  home buyers should consider purchasing a new home.

1. Builders have already added the commission into the purchase price of the new home. The Sales rep at the New Home Community works for the builder not you. Who has  your best interest in mind?

2. Builders normally will offer incentives such as contributing to close cost or give a credit toward options in the home. Most  Realtor’s have worked closely with builders and can help you navigate the process of getting the best deal on a  new home.

sIMG_0308.3. Purchasing a new home with new guideline ensures a more energy efficient home.

4.You get to pick out the floor plan that will work best for you and design the interior of the home.

5. Everything is a 1st in this home for your family.  1st bath in the tub,1st pictures to be hung,1st ones to sleep in the home.No ones old outdated appliances,stray strands of hair in your bathroom, or toenail clippings in your carpet. 

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